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Three friends, ex-football players from the university of Ottawa decided to team up to offer a unique training experience. Maxime, Jocelyn and Frédéric always had a passion for high performance training: plyometrics, weight-lifting and track and field.

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What is Crossfit ?

CrossFit, developed by Greg and Lauren Glassman of Santa Cruz, California, was designed to prepare athletes for the unexpected and the unpredictable, through a method using high intensity functional movements that change frequently.

Trainers draw their inspiration from gymnastics, weight-lifting and track and field. This allows participants to develop the ten (Deka) fundamental athletic qualities, which are: muscular and cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Come take advantage of one free CrossFit class at our Blainville premises.


Who is this program for?

Your age and fitness level are not obstacles to joining Deka CrossFit Blainville! Whether you are an athlete, an amateur sports enthusiast or inactive, you’ll benefit from our services. Professional athletes and all types of amateur sports enthusiasts, emergency service workers (police officers, firefighters, ambulance technicians, and military personnel), executives, workers, stay-at-home parents, and elderly people are amongst those who have adopted CrossFit.

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